A place of abundant blue, wealth and serenity


Sifnos island is inhabited by human beings from at least 4000 BCE, having been one of the richest areas in ancient times thanks to its gold and silver which were being mined there as early as the 3rd millennium BCE, proof of this is the treasury which the Siphnians built at Delphi in the 6th century BCE to house their offerings, Sifnos bring up to now a high artistic, commercial, religious and cultural value with a magic energy of abundance, calmness and harmony.


Remains one of the most traditional Cycladic islands famed for its architecture, quaint Greek chapels, pristine beaches and the best culinary scene in the region. Characterized by a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere that make it a popular destination all over the world.


Sifnos is an island municipality in the Cyclades island group in Greece and lies in the Cyclades between Serifos and Milos, west of Delos (Mykonos) and Paros about 130 km from Piraeus Port (Athens). A trip length about 2h ½ with a fast ferry and 45min with a fast ferry from Milos Island (Nearest Airport)
Apollonia - Sifnos island
The capital Apollonia, in the center of the island built on three hills, has many restaurants with greek and international cuisine, bars and shops. Built as a fort Kastro is a magnificent example of island architecture.